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By a girl who loves a longhaired-man.

I have been dating this kid for almost 5 years. For the first 2 or so years of our relationship he had always threatened that someday he was going to take the plunge and grow his hair out. Silly me; I dreaded it. I begged and pleaded with him not to. I would try to bribe him or threaten that I would shave my own head bald. Good thing he didn't listen to me. and I didn't shave my head. Some guys are just not meant to have short hair and when it actually grew out, it was nicer than my own! Go fucking figure! He really does have beautiful hair and it pisses me off when we're in a store, and all these old women go up to him, grab his hair and compliment him on how "pretty" it is. He gets more compliments than I do! Oh well. He looks a lot sexier with his long hair and it definitely makes for a crazier pin-wheel/head-bang seeing that we're both part of the metal crowd here in Tampa. Just figured that I hadn't seen a single redhead post since I joined.  So enjoy. :-]

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